Winter Crisis Program (WCP)

The Home Energy Assistance Winter Crisis Program (HEAP Winter Crisis Program) helps income eligible Ohioans that are threatened with disconnection, have been disconnected, need to establish new service, need to pay to transfer service, have PIPP default, need to pay first PIPP,  or have 25% (or less) supply of bulk fuel in their tank maintain their utility service. 

The program runs from November 1, 2023 until March 31, 2024. Ohio households serviced by a Public Utilities Commission of Ohio-regulated utility must sign up for the Percentage of Income Payment Plan Plus (PIPP) or another payment plan if there is still an outstanding balance on the bill after receiving assistance.

Who is Eligible for the Winter Crisis Program?

Ohioans with a household income at or below 175 percent of the federal poverty guidelines that are facing disconnection, have been disconnected, need to establish new service, need to pay to transfer service, have PIPP default, need to pay first PIPP, or have less than a 25 percent supply of bulk fuel in their tank are eligible for the program.

For November 2022-March 2023, the income levels are:

Size of Household Total Household Income 12 Months
1 up to $23,782.50
2 up to $32,042.50
3 up to $40,302.50
4 up to $48,562.50
5 up to $56,822.50
6 up to $65,082.50
7 up to $73,342.50
8 up to $81,602.50

For households with more than eight members, add $8,260 for each additional member.

A household applying for HEAP must report total gross household income for the past 30 days (12 months preferred) for all members, except wage or salary income earned by dependent minors under 18 years old. Both homeowners and renters are eligible for assistance.

Here’s what you’ll need to apply:

This program will begin on November 1st, 2023

  • Proof of income for each household member. Income includes: Supplemental Security Income (SSI), Social Security Disability Income (SSDI), Social Security, Pension, Alimony, Wages, Self-employment, Unemployment, etc.
  • Copies of your most recent utility bills
  • A list of all household members, including Social Security numbers and birth dates
  • Proof of U.S. citizenship/legal residency for all household members. Documents that are accepted to prove U.S. citizenship/legal residency include: a Social Security Card, birth certificate, U.S. Passport, naturalization paper/certification of citizenship, permanent VISA, or INS ID Card.

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